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The EuroBen Benchmark Group provides benchmarks for the evaluation of the performance for scientific and technical computing on single processor cores and on parallel computers systems using OpenMP and MPI.
Programs are available in Fortran an C.
The benchmark codes range from measuring the performance of basic operations and mathematical functions to skeleton applications.

The EuroBen Group also yearly publishes the report "Overview of recent supercomputers" that gives an overview of HPC systems that are currently available on the market and discusses the underlying technologies: architectures, processors, and interconnects.


The following material is available:

  • The EuroBen Benchmark codes are available from the programs directory.
  • NEW! The Single-Core and the OpenMP C versions of the EuroBen Benchmark codes, eurobenC-V1.0 and, eurobenC-V1.0-shm are now available from the programs directory.
  • Reports and articles about EuroBen in PostScript and PDF format from the reports directory.
    There are also benchmarking tutorials available.
    - The "Overview of recent supercomputers", issue 2013 is now available on the "reports" page.
  • Results of benchmarks on a variety of systems can be found in the results directory .
    - There are new results (Single-Core, OpenMP, and MPI) for the SGI Altix UV 100.
    - There are new results (Single-Core, OpenMP, and MPI) for the Cray XE6.
  • The latest online version of "Overview of recent supercomputers" (2013) can be found HERE

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